Please note: The FTP2Lab Service is no longer supported as of 02/25/2015.

FTP2Lab FTP Client Help

We have made a few short videos to help you use the FTP Client and solve any basic problems.

Troubleshooting and Error Messages

Please note: The FTP2Lab Service is no longer supported as of 02/25/2015.

Most problems with the FTP2Lab FTP client are firewall related. If you get a pop up message from your firewall while running the FTP2Lab application, make sure you select the "Allow" option to allow the application to access the internet.

Application Blocked by Security Settings: This is a security setting in the Java control panel that blocks self signed applications from running. To get past this, go to the Java control panel (on a PC you can find this in the main Control Panel - then Java (32 bit)). Once in the Java control panel, go to the security tab and click where it says 'Edit Site List' (near the bottom) and add to the list, then click ok and try to launch again. You will see a warning, press ok to continue.

Java 7 - error occurred while uploading files to the remote server. Permission denied. recv failed. This is caused by a change in Java 7 and the way the windows frewall works. If you get this error you will need to disable the windows firewall - go to the control panel, and look for Windows firewall or System and Security and then Windows Firewall and turn it off. After the order completes you can turn it back on. We hopefully will have a fix for this in the future.

Partial upload and then stuck - progress bar shows some progress but then stalls: This is can happen if you are uploading files that contain illegal characters for the FTP protocol. Usually this happens on a Mac where certain characters are legal within filenames. Filenames should not contain anything other than letters, numbers and _ and - anything else should be avoided, especially : ; ( ) ? / \ @ # $ % ^ & * ! , <>.

Error message Software caused connection abort: recv failed: We believe this is firewall related - try disabling your firewall and see if that works - if so, there is a port or application being blocked by your firewall - look for java or javaw and make sure it is not being blocked.

Mac users - Trouble Right Clicking? If you are using a Mac and Right-Clicking does not work, you need to enable it by going to System Preferences >> Mouse and enable secondary clicking or right clicking.


FTP@lab icon
Launch FTP2Lab Application - Mac or PC

This link will automatically launch the FTP2Lab client and install a desktop shortcut.

*Please Note - this application is not digitally signed. Once you click the link it will likely pop up a message box with a security warning.

The most common problem people have is Firewall related - if you have a firewall, when you try to send your first order, it may ask you if you want to allow Javaw to access the internet - you must say yes and allow it to access the internet or you will get stuck on the uploading screen.

Contact Info

The FTP2Lab service is no longer supported. If you feel you still need to contact someone, you can get a hold of us thru our lab, - ask for Ron.